Becky* – Survival in the Midst of Horrible Abuse

Becky, a 9-year-old, was found sleeping in a ditch on the side of the road in Pattaya and doesn’t remember how long she’d been in the city or who brought her there. She had STDs, tuberculosis, and a mental disability caused by extensive abuse while living on the streets.

We found out that Becky’s grandmother in Poipet, Cambodia sold her and her sister to a trafficker heading to Thailand. The grandmother even signed a contract detailing the conditions of the sale and the monthly income that was expected to arrive from the sale of the girls.

When the two sisters arrived in Pattaya, they were sold to different handlers. Becky was selling flowers, begging and also performing sexual services for foreign clients.

Becky is now safe in a specialized home for sexually abused girls in Cambodia. She has finally found a family of girls who treat her kindly. She is growing and learning and we are so proud to see much happiness and joy she has now.

Becky’s rescue and return to her homeland was very unique because she was able to return within a month of her rescue, which allowed her immediate access to medical care in Cambodia. For most victims, this process takes a year when another country is involved. We are grateful to have played a small part in changing these intertnational procedures.

*Not her real name.