Christy Pic - ELChristy was around 17 years old when she left her home in the province. She was promised a job in Phnom Penh, yet upon arrival, Christy found herself locked in a room and forced to service Khmer clients with sexual services. After a month of abuse, Christy escaped and ran back to her province.  While there, she met her husband and gave birth to their first child.

However, Christy and her husband were still in need of work and found themselves with no skills or education.  Without a way to provide for their family, they were desperate.  They had heard of numerous opportunities in Thailand, so the family agreed to take a job over the border.  However, they had been tricked.  Christy was trafficked yet once again, and this time her husband was trafficked with her.  They were forced to work as slaves for labor on a vegetable farm without pay. They worked long hard hours and often went hungry. In addition, their “owner” would make them use drugs to work harder and faster.

Christy’s husband became addicted to the drugs, and she developed Gangrene on her foot due to working in the wet swampy farmland.  Soon after, Christy also became pregnant with their second child.   They knew they had to escape and made a plan to get back to Cambodia.

Their plan was successful, but just after they returned, Christy’s husband fell into a deep depression.  He began drinking to numb the pain of the trauma they had endured. Not motivated to work, the family lost hope. They had no money, no job, and no means of earning an income.  Despite the pain, they contemplated returning to Thailand and even of selling their five-year-old son. In her state of hopelessness, Christy made plans to sell her son for a few hundred dollars.

However, God intervened.  Our team at XP Missions offered Christy work at Everlasting Love, where she would receive immediate compensations for her work, skills training, and a safe place to bring her children while she trained.  While working with Everlasting Love, Christy has discovered her incredible and immeasurable value.  She has learned of God’s love and has made a decision to follow Jesus.  God has healed Christy’s foot, restored joy to her life, and is even bringing healing and restoration to her family.  Christy’s life is a testimony of God’s incredible and unfailing love.