Melissa Pic - ELMelissa struggled with sickness for a number of years.  She discovered she had Tuberculosis and was given medicine that made it impossible for her to work. When she finally started to feel better, Melissa found herself with no money or skills to support herself.  Soon after, a friend told her about an opportunity to work in a Karaoke bar (bar for prostitution). Since Melissa had little education and could barley read and write, she didn’t feel she had any other options.

When Melissa got to the Karaoke Bar she was forced to drink beer with the customers, as well as service them sexually day after day.  She struggled through a  life of exploitation and finally couldn’t take it any longer. Melissa decided to go back to the province to stay with her family.

While there, she met her boyfriend and got pregnant.  Melissa was worried about the shame her family would endure, since she was unmarried, so she decided to abort her baby.  But God saw her pain and delivered Melissa from her shame and heartache.

Melissa is now a part of Everlasting Love’s training and rehabilitation program, where she has received hope and freedom. We are so excited for her journey of transformation.