Lady with Fan covering faceFor most of Melody’s life she dreamed of a successful career, but for a child with little opportunities or education, she soon found herself desperate. Melody’s family was very hard on her. If she wasn’t perfect or did something wrong, they would speak horrible things over her and verbally abuse her.  Melody tired her best to please her parents, but she found she couldn’t measure up to their high standards.

At that time, a neighbor told her about a job in a massage parlor (place of prostitution).  In her naivety, Melody thought she was going to be working to service massages.  She was shocked when she found out it was a place of prostitution and that she would be asked to provide numerous men per day with sexual services.

Melody only made $1.50 USD per customer. She felt ashamed; she felt alone. She wondered who would be able to love her after she had done such horrible acts.  She felt unworthy and afraid.

But Melody’s life was not over – it was only beginning.  Soon after, she began working at Everlasting Love and started to sing a “new song”.  Melody came to life again. She discovered her value could not be determined by her performance or behavior, but rather was innate and unchangeable.  Melody blossoms more and more day-by-day.  She is a true fragrance of the Lord and a delight to all she meets.