Bithiah’s House

Child protection is one of our main focuses in outreach, anti-trafficking prevention, and aftercare services. Our team also works in a variety of ways to help facilitate rescues and repatriations for trafficked and exploited, Cambodian children, partnering with government officials, social workers, and other ministries / organizations to assist these children in need.

We believe that every child has the right to be raised in family. However, for some, it is difficult to find safe kin or family care options. In such cases, we work with a network of partners to place children in alternative, transitional or long-term care facilities.

Bithaiah’s House is a small, family-style children’s home providing hope for a forgotten generation. Named after the Egyptian princess that rescued Moses (a child at-risk) from the banks of the river, so too Bithaiah’s House seeks to restore overlooked, Cambodian children.

Children with disabilities are often misunderstood and culturally can be considered less valuable. As a result, they are often at-risk for trafficking and other forms of abuse. Bithaiah’s House is a safe place for kids that have been trafficked or have undergone extreme sexual abuse or exploitation and also have a physical or intellectual handicap. Extreme Love Ministries believes that these children can be physically, emotionally, and spiritually restored.

Every life has value! Bithaiah’s House provides the necessary counseling, education, medical, and daily care needs, to bring freedom and healing, so they can be redefined in their identity and purpose.

Here are a few testimonies of children helped through Bithaiah’s House.

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