We can stop human trafficking before it starts.

Prevention through education and community outreach is necessary to protect those susceptible to human trafficking.Our preventative projects target root issues of human trafficking, such as: poverty, lack of value for life, break down of the family, and lack of education, with a hope to stop trafficking before it begins.

Protecting vulnerable slum and street dwelling communities is key. Nations such as Cambodia are at-risk for trafficking because of trauma, poverty, and inadequate structures (social, economic, and governmental). We believe that by working with at-risk communities and transforming individuals we can prevent human trafficking to protect and empower women, children, and families.


Lighthouse Project

Slum LighthouseExtreme Love Ministries seeks to rebuild the slum communities in Phnom Penh, by placing an XP house (a Lighthouse) within strategic slums throughout the city.  These houses create a way for us to live and dwell amongst the people, helping us to build trust and relationships with women, children, and families in need.  Our team is able to be constant “eyes and ears” in the community, working in areas of awareness training and hearing first-hand concerning cases of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. Each house is intended to assist vulnerable and exploited women and specifically works to serve in areas of child trafficking prevention and rescue. …more

Micro-Business Development

Tuk TukMicro-business development is a large part of ending poverty, creating jobs, and offering job alternatives. Extreme Love Ministries has developed several micro-business and training options with a previous partner ministry, and seeks to build the same in Phnom Penh.  We have created a laundry business (Purity Laundry) as service to our Guesthouse visitors and have plans to start several more for at-risk families.  As well, we plan on beginning a tuk-tuk taxi business (Kingdom XPress) to further help families in need. …more

Poipet Street Kids Project

Poipet child drinkingOur Poipet Street Kids Project assists vulnerable street children, some of the most at-risk for abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.  Street children in Poipet work long hours on the streets begging, scavenging, and collecting recyclables, many working to support their families and some homeless working to support themselves. This project serves to monitor and protect, while also providing assistance to those children in need. …more


Education Empowerment Program

Education EmpowermentEducation is empowerment! Our Education Empowerment Program is an education sponsorship program for children living in the slum and street dwelling communities of Phnom Penh and in the street dwelling communities of Poipet. This project is aimed to work hand-in-hand with our slum ministry, Lighthouses, and Poipet Street Kids Project, where many of the children we are working with are severely at-risk, in poverty, and uneducated. Educating these children and getting them off of the streets is a prevention method to stop human trafficking, before it begins. …more

Project LIFE

Project LifeThere is a growing need to assist vulnerable and exploited women. Although there are several organizations that are assisting women in prostitution, many are full or are nearing capacity, few are offering total restoration options (physical, emotional, and spiritual growth models), and there are limited options (in some areas no options) concerning crisis pregnancy and counseling. Project LIFE seeks to create value for life, by educating communities and protecting the unborn. …more