27% of human trafficking victims are children. 

Those trapped in the bonds of slavery are crying out to be rescued.


We can be a part of setting them free.

Our rescue work involves partnerships with government, police, social workers, non-government organizations (NGOs), and rescue organizations.  Through relationships, focused outreach, and network relations, we are able to assist in cases of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.


Operation Rescue

Girl being rescued from the streetsExtreme Love Ministries focuses on anti-trafficking, rescue efforts for children in Thailand and Cambodia. Our team works with partner organizations across the border in Thailand to help trafficked, Cambodian children and help to rescue those being sold and exploited locally. We work with a network of government officials, police, social workers, and other ministries / organizations to safely place children, if their homes are not safe, working to protect the rights of each child (as outlined by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child). Our rescue efforts seek to ensure that these vulnerable children will not be placed back in the care of the person(s) who sold/exploited them and that they will get ongoing care and restoration for physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. If safe kinship care options are available, they are considered, as Extreme Love Ministries seeks to keep children in families, if at all possible. However, outside care options, including our Operation Justice Children’s Homes, are alternative placement options for those children that are in need of long-term residential care. …more

Poipet Street Kids Project

Poipet Street Kids PrayingOur Poipet Street Kids Project assists vulnerable street children, some of the most at-risk for abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.  Street children in Poipet work long hours on the streets begging, scavenging, and collecting recyclables, many working to support their families and some homeless working to support themselves. This project serves to monitor and protect, while also providing assistance to those children in need. …more

Lighthouse Project

Lighthouse Project in Phnom PenhExtreme Love Ministries seeks to rebuild the slum communities in Phnom Penh, by placing an XP house (a Lighthouse) within strategic slums throughout the city.  These houses create a way for us to live and dwell amongst the people, helping us to build trust and relationships with women, children, and families in need.  Our team is able to be constant “eyes and ears” in the community, working in areas of awareness training and hearing first-hand concerning cases of abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. Each house is intended to assist vulnerable and exploited women and specifically works to serve in areas of child trafficking prevention and rescue. …more

Everlasting Love

PrintEverlasting love is a social enterprise committed to restoring women and loving them to life. Women in Cambodia that are living in poverty are often without skills and education. As a result of their circumstances, many become victims of exploitation, working or sold into prostitution. Women desiring to leave prostitution can start in a 6-month training and discipleship program, where they will learn employable skills through sewing, along with valuable life skills and mentorship. After 6 months, many women continue their employment to help make Everlasting Love products, while others discover their destiny outside of sewing. Whatever their journey, God has a glorious future planned for each one, and we desire to empower them to get there. …more