Solomon* – What Bravery Looks Like

SolomonWhen we found Solomon, he was sleeping on the floor of a bar in Pattaya, Thailand, working on the streets at night. He is one of nine siblings living in dire poverty in the border town of Poipet, Cambodia. This 10-year-old boy has an unusual story, in that he heard there was a trafficker living across the street from his house who takes children to work in Thailand. Solomon mistakenly thought that this might be his chance and asked the trafficker to take him across the border.

When they arrived in Pattaya, the trafficker sold Solomon to a Vietnamese handler. Solomon was beaten, locked up, and forced to beg, but then a miracle occurred and the local police captured the cruel trafficker. Solomon escaped and was free to beg and make money for himself. Not long after, Solomon was caught and sent to jail. The immigration officials did not care that he is only 10-year-old boy without parents, so they sent Solomon back to the border where his grandmother lived.

Being extremely smart and not ready to give up his battle for a better life, he called his new neighbor who also was trafficking people and Solomon successfully trafficked himself to Thailand one more time. That’s when we found him living in the bar – a little boy filled with hopes and dreams but with no place to fulfill them.

Solomon is now back in Cambodia in a long-term home where he is getting education and care. We would like to help him get training and utilize his skills and amazing business sense. He is truly one of the bravest little boys we’ve met.

*Not his real name.