Stephanie – A Mother’s Heart

StephanieWe first met Stephanie* in one of the slums. She was homeless and had just sold everything to support her husband and family. She was a strong and courageous woman that wanted only to see her family safe and cared for. Her husband had been trafficked to Thailand when he was falsely promised farming work. When he arrived he was held as a slave and forced to work for his new “owners.”

He miraculously escaped from his traffickers, but soon after the immigration police caught him and brought him to jail, because he was illegally in Thailand. His bail was set at about $250 USD. For Stephanie and her family that was more money than they had, so she sold everything to get enough funds to get him out of jail. When we found them they were living outside, under the outside awning of a family member’s house. Stephanie begged us to help her and her family. She promised to work hard, if she could only be given the opportunity.

When we offered her employment in our Everlasting Love social business she began to weep. The monthly salary she would be earning with us was more money than she ever thought she could make. Stephanie was thrilled to learn how to make handbags in our training program and is now one of our best seamstresses. She has an incredible spirit of excellence in all she does. She is also being raised up in leadership and will be working with our Everlasting Love team to teach and train other women coming out of difficult situations.

Stephanie’s children are also excelling. Her two older children are enrolled in our education sponsorship program, where they receive private school education and school lunch during their days of study. Stephanie’s youngest daughter comes to work with her mom and is attending our women’s center daycare program, where she learns pre-school curriculum and is growing in her understanding of God’s incredible and unfailing love.

We have also supported Stephanie and her family with a means to get off the streets, and she is learning how to steward her finances. Her whole family is being restored!

*Not her real name