Let the little children come unto me. ~ Jesus

There is nothing impossible with God! Read our featured children’s and women’s articles of hope and restoration here. Below you will find some our children’s rescue stories. Please note the names have been changed to protect their identity and dignity.

Great Testimonies of Restoration

Baby Sarah – Redeeming Grace

Better Blur - Baby SarahSarah was just a few months old when we heard her mom was making plans to sell her. Baby trafficking rings are common in Cambodia, and every month a number of babies get trafficked across borders to be sold for underground adoptions, begging, or other forms of exploitation. These  abies are often trafficked and re-trafficked numerous times before they reach their youth. But baby Sarah will never have to go through such pain.We were able to immediately get Sarah and her mom into our care before the sale went through. Read more about Baby Sarah


Elizabeth – He Gives Beauty for Ashes

Elizabeth was a child living on the streets.  She would often go days with next to nothing to eat and spent her time working on the streets, collecting garbage and recyclables to make money for her family. Her  parents had divorced and moved to Thailand, so she and her three siblings were sent to live with their grandparents. Being the oldest, she was forced to live and work on the streets to make money for the family, while the other children got to live at home. Read more about Elizabeth


Esther – There is Always Hope

EstherThis is the story of “Esther” – a little girl with Down Syndrome who had been neglected, abused, repeatedly sold for sex, and cast aside. She was a child that no one wanted, a child with no voice, but not a child forgotten. The Lord saw her, and He helped us see her, too. We first met Esther while on outreach in a local HIV village in Cambodia when God highlighted this precious little girl. Read more about Esther


Paul – The Light Shines Brightest in the Darkness

PaulThere are few words to express the horror that grips you when you see a child struggling for their life. What words can explain when you see a child trapped in the bonds of slavery – abused, neglected, and sold for a price? This was the reality for a little boy we call “Paul.” Upon outreach to the Poipet hospital, our team discovered this child. Paul was a little, Cambodian boy that everyone else overlooked. Read more about Paul


Johnny – Beloved of God

JohnnyJohnny’s rescue began with a prayer. As our visiting team began to pray into activities for the week, they felt compelled to pray specifically for a rescue. That week Patricia and Shirley were filming a documentary in a boarder city, called Poipet. They had been traveling all day on the dusty, bumpy roads looking for video footage.  They were hungry, tired, and ready to turn back, but as they prayed, God told them to keep going. Reluctant, but pressing on in faith, they told their driver to continue following the road and listened carefully for the Spirit’s lead. Suddenly they arrived at an unmarked boarder crossing and saw a little boy. Read more about Johnny

More Stories of Restoration

Jenny – The Price of a Child

JennyPattaya, Thailand is one of the world’s top sex tourist destinations. Cambodian children are trafficked into the city and sold for work, begging, or sex. One night when we were doing outreach in a bar in Pattaya, I immediately spotted a tiny, little Cambodian girl with big eyes filled with fear. She was waiting in front of the bar trying to sell gum and massages to foreign man. Read more about Jenny


Solomon – What Bravery Looks Like

SolomonWhen we found Solomon, he was sleeping on the floor of a bar in Pattaya, Thailand, working on the streets at night. He is one of nine siblings living in dire poverty in the border town of Poipet, Cambodia. This 10-year-old boy has an unusual story, in that he heard there was a trafficker living across the street from his house who takes children to work in Thailand. Solomon mistakenly thought that this might be his chance and asked the trafficker to take him across the border. Read more about Solomon


Amy & Mary – The Heart of a Rescue

Amy and MaryMany trafficking stories start with betrayal by the closest and dearest and this story is no different. The first time I met the little girls was in the police station in Pattaya. The policeman opened the door and I saw two little girls crying curled up on the office chairs. They were 5 and 7 years old and their faces were filled with fear and pain. Read more about Amy & Mary


Becky – Survival in the Midst of Horrible Abuse

Becky, a 9-year- old, was found sleeping in a ditch on the side of the road in Pattaya and doesn’t remember how long she’s been in the city or who brought her there. She had STDs, tuberculosis and a mental disability caused by extensive abuse while living on the streets. Read more about Becky


Susan, Sammy & Baby Joe = Three Treasures in the Dirt

SammyOne of the most dramatic trafficking cases that Extreme Love Ministries has been involved with was the rescue of three little children, treasures found in the dirty streets of Pattaya. We found them covered with dirt, begging on the roadside, so we took them for dinner and found out that the 14-year-old girl and her 6-year-old brother were offered for sale to foreigners every night in Pattaya. The 1-year-old was only used for begging purposes, but we know from other cases, it’s just a short matter of time before they are also sexually molested. Read more about Susan, Sammy & Baby Joe