Read our featured children’s testimonies here. Below you will find women’s rescue testimonies. Please note the names of the women have been changed to protect their identity and dignity.

Victoria – Let Hope Arise


We met this amazing woman when we were visiting her next-door neighbor who had recently joined our Everlasting Love social business and training program. Victoria had told the neighbor we were meeting with that she really wanted to have the same change in her life as what she had seen in her friend who was enrolled in our program. She wanted the change for her, but most of all she wanted her daughter to have a different life. That day, we sat on the floor of her small one room house in the slum and heard her heartbreaking story of struggle and exploitation. Read more about Victoria

Nancy – Ask and You Shall Receive


We met Nancy in the red light district of Phnom Penh. She was working in a local bar that many foreigners frequent. The day we met her we were talking with another lady when Nancy stopped us and asked if we would pray for her. When we asked what she’d like prayer for she said “that she would find another job.” We had to laugh, because she had no idea that we had a program that could help her. Soon after she was selected to join our Everlasting Love social business and training program, where she is now learning sewing skills and no longer has to work in prostitution. Read more about Nancy

Stephanie – A Mother’s Heart


We first met Stephanie in one of the slums. She was homeless and had just sold everything to support her husband and family. She was a strong and courageous woman that wanted only to see her family safe and cared for. Her husband had been trafficked to Thailand when he was falsely promised farming work. When he arrived he was held as a slave and forced to work for his new “owners.” He miraculously escaped from his traffickers, but soon the immigration police caught him and brought him to jail, because he was illegally in Thailand. Read more about Stephanie

Melissa – Freedom from Shame

Melissa Pic - EL

Melissa struggled with sickness for a number of years.  She discovered she had Tuberculosis and was given medicine that made it impossible for her to work. When she finally started to feel better, Melissa found herself with no money or skills to support herself.  Soon after, a friend told her about an opportunity to work in a Karaoke bar (bar for prostitution). Since Melissa had little education and could barley read and write, she didn’t feel she had any other options. Read more about Melissa.

Christy – Love never Fails

Christy Pic - EL

Christy was around 17 years old when she left her home in the province. She was promised a job in Phnom Penh, yet upon arrival, Christy found herself locked in a room and forced to service Khmer clients with sexual services. After a month of abuse, Christy escaped and ran back to her province.  While there, she met her husband and gave birth to their first child. Read more about Christy


Melody – A New Song

Lady with Fan covering face

For most of Melody’s life she dreamed of a successful career, but for a child with little opportunities or education, she soon found herself desperate. Melody’s family was very hard on her. If she wasn’t perfect or did something wrong, they would speak horrible things over her and verbally abuse her.  Melody tired her best to please her parents, but she found she couldn’t measure up to their high standards. Read more about Melody.

Wendy – No Longer a Slave

Wendy Pic - EL

At the age of 20, Wendy was told about work possibilities in the city. Yet upon arrival in Phnom Penh, she was taken to a brothel, locked in a room, given little food and no money, as she served clients everyday. She had been trafficked and forced to work for 3 years in the brothel.  Wendy was only able to escape, because police finally raided her brothel. Read more about Wendy.