Lady with fan covering part of faceAt the age of 20, Wendy was told about work possibilities in the city. Yet upon arrival in Phnom Penh, she was taken to a brothel, locked in a room, given little food and no money, as she served clients everyday. She had been trafficked and forced to work for 3 years in the brothel.  Wendy was only able to escape, because police finally raided her brothel.

Thereafter, Wendy began training, but with no formal education, it was difficult to find another job. She found herself desperate for work, and knew no other way to earn a living than working in prostitution.  So, she applied for work at a local Karaoke Bar (bar for prostitution), where she worked for nearly 18 years. Smoking and drinking liter upon liter of beer everyday helped her make it through the night. Around this time, she met her husband and bore a child.

Wendy had heard the name of Jesus before entering the brothel but felt completely hopeless in her situation. Exhausted from a life of sexual exploitation, she found herself with no money and homeless.  Wendy struggled to find other work washing dishes at night, just to make ends meet. It was then that one of the Everlasting Love women brought Wendy’s son to our center, and we knew we also needed to find a way to help Wendy.

Since joining the program, Wendy has learned sewing skills, is able to work with dignity, and is no longer homeless.  Both Wendy and her son are now safe.  She is on a journey of self-discovery and is growing in her knowledge God and in her understanding of her true identity in Him.  Wendy has endured much pain and heartache, yet has so much strength and life. She is an overcomer – a true testimony of God’s grace and forgiveness.